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Holiday Gift Guide: What the Your Super Team has on their Wishlist

What’s on your wishlist? The Your Super Team reveals what they’ll be writing in their letter to Santa: from broad concepts to actual day-to-day-life apparels, you’ll find everything to inspire you for the holiday season!

Wish List

An age old question: what do you wish for this year?

We all know this question and its many variations: “What would you like for Christmas?”, “Anything that will make you happy?”, “What can we get you this time?”. May it be for Christmas, your birthday or any special occasion, you might have found yourself answering automatically “I don’t know, but let me think about it”.

We get you! We at Your Super find it equally hard to decide on what should be on the wishlist, what’s not really something we need and what’s something we could get later. Which is why we decided to ask around what people would like. So stick around to feel inspired and maybe find THE gift you (or your loved ones!) deserve this year.

Our Team Members' Wishlist

Jennifer, Customer Support Specialist

What do you wish for? A Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 500X Portable Power Station

Why? These portable power stations connect with our Yeti 100 Solar Panel mounted on our tiny home. An upgrade to a larger portable power station means we can continue to live a *mostly* solar powered lifestyle. :)

For all those who like it "green":

Super Green

Super Green is an all-in-one superfood mix that contains high-quality vitamins and minerals from algae and grasses. And don’t think of it as a 1-use product: it’s delicious in water as a healthy shot, in green smoothies, in dressings, in pasta sauces...

Samantha, Global Head of Nutrition

What do you wish for? Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (2016) by Meir H. Kryger

Why? Because I am fascinated by the biochemistry of how sleep nourishes our mind and body and how it interacts with factors like environment, dinner, supplements, exercise and would like to learn more about and have quick access to material that explains the interconnectedness of sleep and complex health conditions. Such knowledge would contribute to my work in a multitude of ways and I would thoroughly enjoy having regular access to this book.


Merritt, Social Media Coordinator

What do you wish for? A (sustainably produced) weighted blanket

Why? Weighted blankets have been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep! Not to mention they are super cozy. 🤗

Trouble finding your sleep pattern? Take a look at these Tips to Improve your Sleep Naturally.

Aurore, Content Manager

What do you wish for? The Vegetarian Cookbook Collection by Phaidon

Why? I'm like a magpie when it comes to books - I tend to collect pretty books on my shelves. Plus, I absolutely love to cook..

If you love playing with aromas and flavours, then the recipe blog will become your best kitchen buddy!

Amanda, Senior Graphic Designer

What do you wish for? A stained glass kit and classes

Why? I'm always looking for ways to challenge myself and be creative in ways that don't involve using my computer.

Katja, Jr. Sales Manager

What do you wish for? To spend Christmas with my family

Why? As I’m living abroad I wasn’t able to see my family over Christmas last year due to Covid. My Christmas Wish is that everything works out this year so that I’m able to go home for the holiday season and we can have a lot of fun Christmas activities together!

Rebecca, Content Manager

What do you wish for? A subscription to the ZEIT (magazine/newspaper)

Why? I like their high-quality, well researched and trustworthy articles and I already listen to many of their podcasts. Having a subscription would make it so easy to enjoy and support great journalism weekly!

To get the latest news about nutrition and plant-based diets, be sure to listen to the Be Sexy Eat Plants podcast.

Bart, Search Engine Optimised Ads (SEA)

What do you wish for? The Growth Strategies Course from Growth Tribe for the Marketing & Product Teams

Why? To improve our growth strategies and workflows.

Daniel, EU Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

What do you wish for? Socks and underwear

Why? You can never have enough of them

Psst: looking for a gift for your friends? This Gift Guide for Health Nuts is packed with a few helpful ideas.

Copy: Rebecca Höfer

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